About Us

About Us

About the Company

Social Sewing Studio is a modern take on the traditional sewing class, aimed at giving people in the community an outlet to explore their creativity. With our society’s growing dependence on technology, generational sewing and home economics has become a lost art. Social Sewing Studio strives to change that by providing after school programs for kids and teens, as well as adult classes to help people escape the hold of their screens and the stresses of the day-to-day by learning a new, exciting hobby, while having fun at the same time.

About the Owner


Our owner, Jackie, grew up in a culture where making and repairing items was seen as the norm. Sewing was often a necessity, and something that was both practical to learn and extremely enjoyable. It’s from this original mending culture way of life that she nurtured her love for sewing and fabric. Her avid passion for travel and learning new cultures in college took her to different parts of the world, where she always searched for knowledge on different fabrics. Searching for the beautiful fabrics offered in our shop makes her happy, and she finds sharing the excitement of potential projects to-be with students delightful.

Jackie is a North Reading local, a stepmom, and a mom to a lively 2-year-old boy named Luke, who is ready to share her love and knowledge of sewing with her community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a social environment where people can learn and grow the lost art of sewing. Together, we can bring back generational sewing as a skill that lasts a lifetime.At Social Sewing Studio, we proudly use fabric and materials imported from around the world, and we spend some time educating our students on the culture behind the fabric’s region of origin. Join the fun! Learn new cultures and skills, all in one place!

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We Proudly Use Fabrics Imported From
Around The World